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5th Course on Simulation Methods for Uncertainty Quantification and Reliability Analysis

Date: 2nd October 2018
Course Venue: Institute for Risk and Reliability

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The training course presents an introduction to the COSSAN software, methods for uncertainty quantification, sensitivity and reliability analysis, as well as optimization, in presence of uncertainty.


Nowadays deterministic codes are quite sophisticated in terms of geometrical and mechanical modelling capabilities. However they usually neglect the important issue of inherent uncertainties in the model parameters, load and in the model itself. Without Uncertainty Quantification, only a single value of the results can be obtained, which does not reflect the actual possible range of the results due to uncertainties. The consideration of these uncertainties/variability increases essentially the quality of the results of the analysis and design of structures and systems. For these reasons, it is crucial to link deterministic codes with the advanced tools for the assessment of the uncertainty.

The COSSAN software provides a suit of general purpose package for realistic simulations taking into account the unavoidable uncertainties associated with models, e.g. in geometry, material properties, loads, etc. It allows to perform uncertainty quantification of any model (based on in-house solution or commercial packages). Thanks to its intuitive interface, it allows users to perform non-deterministic analysis without the need for excessive training.

More information about the COSSAN software are available here: www.cossan.co.uk

Course instructors

Dr. Matteo Broggi
Leibniz University Hannover, Germany
Dr. Edoardo Patelli
University of Liverpool, UK


Please register for the event by obtaining a free ticket at our ticket shop our use the embedded registration button on top.


09:00~09:30 Registration
09:30~10:00Lecture: Introduction to the COSSAN software
10:00~10:30Lecture: Introduction to uncertainty quantification and modelling of uncertainties
10:30~10:45Coffee break
10:45~11:15Tutorial: Getting familiar with the COSSAN software
11:15~11:45Practical Exercise: Uncertainty quantification of a Cantilever Beam
11:45~12:15Tutorial: Basic Monte Carlo method simulation for Uncertainty Quantification and Reliability Analysis
12:15~13:15Lunch Break
13:15~13:45Lecture: Introduction to Advanced Monte Carlo methods (Importance sampling, Line Sampling, Subset)
13:45~14:45Tutorial: Advanced Monte Carlo methods
14:45~15:15Coffee Break
15:15~15:45Lecture: Connect COSSAN-X with 3rd party solvers
15:45~16:45Tutorial: Connect COSSAN-X with 3rd party solvers
16:45~17:15Show-case of additional COSSAN-X features and final wrap- up