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Professor Michael Beer honored with ASCE Award

Professor Michael Beer honored with ASCE Award

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The American Society of Civil Engineers has honored Professor Michael Beer with the Alfredo Ang Award on Risk Analysis and Management of Civil Infrastructure for “groundbreaking influential research in reliability and risk analysis of complex infrastructure systems under vague information and shaping the next generation of engineers and researchers”. The award ceremony will be held at the ASCE Structures Congress, May 3-6, 2023, in New Orleans, LA, USA.

This award was established to honor Alfredo H.S. Ang, Ph.D., S.E., Hon.M.ASCE, NAE, the developer of practical and effective methods of risk and reliability approaches to engineering safety-and-design structural criteria formulation. It is given annually to an individual who has made significant technical or technological contributions to the field of risk analysis and management of civil infrastructure.

The award is linked to the Infrastructure Resilience Division (IRD) and the Technical Council on Life-Cycle Performance, Safety, Reliability and Risk of Structural Systems (TCLC) of the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Professor Beer is very thankful to the community for the appreciation of his work with such an important award. This award is further inspiring his work, in particular, in supporting young talents in the area of the award, in leading the ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A Civil Engineering and Part B Mechanical Engineering as its Editor in Chief, and in co-chairing the Risk and Resilience Measurements Committee within ASCE’s Infrastructure Resilience Division. Professor Beer is expressing his greatest thanks to all collaborators on the work related to the award. He would like to emphasize the importance of global collaborative networks across disciplines and communities to attack our future challenges. Such collaborative networks with dedicated scope are facilitated through the International Joint Research Center for Resilient Infrastructure (ICRI) and the International Joint Research Center for Engineering Reliability and Stochastic Mechanics (JCERSM) at Tongji University, Shanghai, China. At community level, the International Symposium on Reliability Engineering and Risk Management (ISRERM) with Alfredo H.S. Ang as the Honorary Chair of its Board of Directors is facilitating a connection between the Asian community, the ASCE Infrastructure Resilience Division (IRD), the Safety Engineering and Risk Analysis Division (SERAD), and the European Safety and Reliability Association. Utilizing these developments, we can foresee a bright future of collaborative research in the area of Risk Analysis and Management of Civil Infrastructure.