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Humboldt Research Award Winner Dr. Enrico Zio

Humboldt Research Award Winner Dr. Enrico Zio

Dr. Enrico Zio, Professor at the Politecnico di Milano and at MINES ParisTech has won an extraordinarily prestigious Humboldt Research Award to join the Institute for Risk and Reliability for collaborative research.

Enrico Zio is one of the most internationally recognized and influential leaders in the field of Safety and Reliability Engineering. He has significantly shaped the approaches globally adopted by critical infrastructure operators and stakeholders with significant impact on developments under the OECD and the European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Our joint research over the next years is focussed on driving the transition to a completely sustainable green energy supply. We plan to work towards an integrated design and operation framework of flexible, secure, reliable, resilient and cost-effective solutions for energy supply systems, considering future and futuristic scenarios of the systems themselves and of their usage. This research is associated with key activities in the American Society of Civil Engineers and the European Safety and Reliability Association.

Within the Leibniz Universität our work will substantially support the developments at the Leibniz Forschungszentrum Energie 2050.