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Ehemalige Doktoranten und Post-Docs

Ehemalige Doktoranden und Post-Docs

Ehemalige Doktoranden

  • Jasper Behrensdorf, Dr.-Ing.
    Numerically Efficient Reliability Analysis of Complex Coupled Networks, Sept. 23
  • Chao Dang, Dr.-Ing.
    ​​​​​​​Forward Uncertainty Quantification with Special Emphasis on a Bayesian Active Learning Perspective, Aug. 23
  • Peihua Ni, Dr.-Ing.
    Response Statistics and Failure Probability Determination of Nonlinear Stochastic Structural Dynamical Systems, Aug. 23
  • Julian Salomon, Dr.-Ing.
    Efficient resilience analysis and decision-making for complex engineering systems, Jul. 23
  • Danko Jerez, Dr.-Ing.
    Simulation Methods for Reliability-Based Design Optimization and Model Updating of Civil Engineering Struchtures and Systems, Jun. 23
  • Yang Wang, Dr.-Ing.
    Modelling the Causation of Accidents: Human Performance Separated System and Human Performance Included Systems, Mai. 23
  • Marco Behrendt, Dr.-Ing. 
    Uncertainty modelling in power spectrum estimation of environmental processes, Nov. 22
  • Georgios Pasparakis, Dr.-Ing. 
    Sparse Representations and Harmonic Wavelets for Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Diverse Structural Systems and Related Excitations, Nov. 22
  • Masaru Kitahara, Dr.-Ing.
    Distribution-free Stochastic Simulation Methodology for Model Updating Under Hybrid Uncertainties, Jun. 22
  • Christoph Eckert, Dr.-Ing.
    B-Spline based uncertainty quantification for efficient stochastic analysis, Dez. 21
  • Chris Timmermann, Dr.-Ing.
    Ein Modell zur mikriskopischen Simulation interaktionsbasierter Verkehrsdynamik, Nov. 21
  • Jingwen Song, Dr.-Ing.
    Stochastic Simulation for Structural Reliability unter Mixed Uncertainties, Aug. 20
  • Longxue He, Dr.-Ing.
    Advanced Bayesian Networks for Reliability and Risk Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering, Feb. 20
  • Tim Berthold, Dr.-Ing.
    Künstliche Neuronale Netze zur räumlichen Interpolation von Korngrößenverteilungen mariner Sedimente, Sep. 18
  • Felix Hoffmann, Dr.-Ing. (2016)
  • Nils Rinke, Dr.-Ing. (2017)
  • Matthias Bode, Dr.-Ing. (2016)
  • Christian Asche, Dr.-Ing. (2015)
  • Wassim Abu Abed, Dr.-Ing. (2010)
  • Mario Höcher, Dr.-Ing. (2010)
  • Kai Kaapke, Dr.-Ing. (2009)
  • Tino Schonert, Dr.-Ing. (2007)
  • Tobias Pick, Dr.-Ing. (2007)
  • Martin Rose, Dr.-Ing. (2003)
  • Markus König, Dr.-Ing. (2003)

Ehemalige Post-Docs und Professoren