general purpose software for

  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Optimization
  • Meta-Modelling
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Stochastic Finite Elements
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Robust Design and Reliability Based Optimization

COSSAN-X is a general purpose software package for realistic simulations taking into account the unavoidable uncertainties associated with models, e.g. in geometry, material properties, loads, etc.  Although deterministic codes are quite sophisticated in terms of geometrical and mechanical modelling capabilities, they usually neglect the important issue of inherent uncertainties. The consideration of these uncertainties/variability increases essentially the quality of the results of the analysis and design of structures and systems.  For these reasons, it is crucial to link deterministic codes with the advanced tools of Uncertainty Quantification. By taking account of uncertainty/variability calculation results are more realistic. Without Uncertainty Quantification, only a single value of the results can be obtained, which does not reflect the actual possible range of the results due to uncertainties.


COSSAN-X provides a powerful and intuitive user-friendly interface to perform various analyses without excessive training. It is designed to provide guidance to its users at every step of the analysis. Additionally, a very powerful editor is provided, which makes the manipulation of the input/output files for 3rd party software an easy task. For more advanced users, all the features of the software can be accessed as an Object-Oriented toolbox inside Matlab®.


COSSAN-X can be used to treat a wide range of practical engineering problems. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to customise the available predefined solution sequences in order to solve advanced engineering problems, to allow end users to create tailored solutions for solving their specific problems.

COSSAN-X provides an efficient platform for the realistic consideration of uncertainties/variability in engineering analysis.  Furthermore, the combination of the algorithms offered from the COSSAN package with user-defined analysis provides the flexibility to solve engineering practical tasks. The performance of the algorithms enables the analysis of large structures and systems from the daily engineering practice.


  • All-in-one package for real-life engineering and scientific problems
  • Add Uncertainty Quantification to your existing models
  • Robust Design
  • Powerful input/output editor for linking COSSAN-X to 3rd party software (e.g. Nastran, Abaqus, FEAP, Ansys, FLUENT, OpenFOAM, Matlab)
  • A wide spectrum of the most robust and efficient algorithms
  • Support for cluster and grid computing to reduce the computational costs of the analysis.
  • Powerful and intuitive user-friendly interface (state-of-the- art visualization capabilities for input and output).

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