Presentation by Dr. Said Elias Rahimi

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Advancing Resilient Infrastructure: towards impact on Science, Economy, and Society - November 3, 10:00 am, room 116


Advancing Resilient Infrastructure: towards impact on Science, Economy, and Society



Our recent research endeavors have been laser-focused on enhancing resilient infrastructure, a vital component of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. This presentation highlights three key projects and their far-reaching impact on science, the economy, and society. In the Netherlands, we pioneered a cost-effective vision-based system for structural health monitoring, initially testing it on a campus pedestrian bridge and later deploying it on operational railway bridges in Zwolle and Zuid horn. We introduced solutions using vibration absorbers to boost resiliency, ensuring safe railway bridges for essential daily transportation. In Iceland, despite Euro-Standards adherence, we addressed occupant comfort issues in Reykjavik buildings, advocating multi-hazard assessments. We conducted tests on vibration absorbers under harsh environmental conditions, reducing discomfort that could lead to motion sickness and informing local authorities about the challenges tied to existing standards. In another pioneering effort, we undertook a feasibility analysis for a wind farm in Iceland, developing a novel, cost-effective solution to enhance wind turbine resilience and facilitate energy harvesting, contributing to environmental sustainability and guiding local authorities in choosing optimal wind farm locations. These endeavors collectively propel resilient infrastructure research, offering a glimpse of a more sustainable future.


I am Said Elias, currently serving as an MSCA Postdoctoral Fellow at LUH Hannover. My professional journey has encompassed diverse roles, from my previous position as a Scientific Associate Editor at Elsevier to my experience in health monitoring of railway bridges during my research tenure at UTWENTE. My career began as a postdoctoral research scholar at the Earthquake Engineering Research Centre, University of Iceland.
In 2017, I completed my doctoral (PhD) degree at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, New Delhi, specializing in earthquake and wind engineering. My research interests span various domains, including resilient infrastructures, risk assessment, structural health monitoring, structural dynamics, earthquake engineering, wind engineering, and vibration control of structures. Over the years, I have authored more than 30 conference papers and 40 journal papers, contributing to the body of knowledge in these research areas.


Additional information

The presentation session will take place in the institutes library, room 116, on Friday, November 3, 2023. Start is at 10:00 a.m. The seminar will also be available via Webex online meeting. If you want to participate online please contact Torsten Ilsemann.